Not Your Average Lender

We know the headaches associated with trying to get a typical loan.  Mortgage loans can be especially difficult as lenders often reduce you to a credit score and debt-to-income ratio.  At Buy Here Pay Here Homes, we know you’re person and we’ll treat you that way from the moment we meet you until the last payment is made on your home.  We believe you are more than your credit score, which is why we don’t even check your credit.

Our process is simple, straightforward and designed to get you info your home with a minimum of hassle.

The Process

1. Application

You’ll need to fill out our application either online or on paper.  We’ll ask for income information as well as references, prior addresses and similar information so we can get to know who you are and make sure we’re going to be a good fit.  We use the application as a starting point for getting you into your home.

2. Interview

Just as we want to get to know you, we want you to be able to get to know us.  We believe that personal connection and relationship is just as important as how much money you  make.  Don’t worry about the interview process – it’s a two-way street designed for each of us to confirm we want to move forward.

3. Property Tour

We will take you to the property you’re interested in, allow you to see it first-hand, take a tour and check things out.  This gives you a chance to dream a little bit, ask questions and make sure you want to move forward.

4. Decision

Once we have reviewed your application, checked references, verified income and gotten to know you a bit, we will render a decision.  If everything is a green light, you will make your down payment, set up a monthly payment schedule and sign the contract.  If we are unable to make a decision in your favor, we will tell you exactly why and let you know what options you have to try again.

5. Utility Transfer & Move In

After the contract is signed, down payment received and payment schedule set up, you will need to transfer the utilities into your name and we will hand over the keys to the house.  At that point, you are free to move in, landscape, paint and make the house your home.